How to Deal With People Who Put You Down

It’s not a great feeling when someone calls you names or disses you. Your feelings can be hurt by it when someone criticizes you, makes fun of you, or puts you down. You leave you alone and can cope with individuals that put you down so they quit doing it. You just have to learn How to deal with people who o try to tear you down or try to care for yourself as well as know how to address it when it happens.

1. Addressing It Right Now

Avoid responding instantly. Deal with it by not promptly reacting to him when someone puts you down. Getting upset or giving an instant rejoinder will reinforce his behaviour. You might do or say something you’ll regret,[2] or you could damage yourself with strain.

This can help you to stay composed.

While you ensure you are still slowly count to five.

2. Don’t retaliate. You may choose to react with a putdown of your own, but doing this can force you to appear as small as her. It may also increase the tension, and actually won’t solve the situation.

Identical to reacting instantly, she is given by retaliating what she desires.

Don’t answer to impolite comments and posts online with mean posts of your own, despite the fact that you could want to.

Avoid gossiping about her after. It could feel good in the moment, but does nothing to solve the difficulty.

3. Disregard it. Sometimes silence may function as the most effective weapon.[5] Discounting someone that’s putting you down refuses them the happiness of a response from you. It keeps you from wasting energy and time on someone that isn’t worth it. Plus, her poor conduct will really stand out against your good behaviour.
Continue doing without giving a peek to her what you were doing.
Unless the individual is incredibly thick-headed, she is going to usually leave you alone after being discounted.

4. Tell the individual to prevent. This is an obvious way to allow the person realize that you simply need him to quit putting down you. If discounting in the event the scenario is especially bothersome or hurtful or the person didn’t work, telling him to quit can help solve the issue.
Be sure to are composed. Look him in the eyes and utilize a controlled, confident, clear voice.
For example, if a peer insults you, take several deep breaths and then calmly say, “ Stop putting me down.”
Using a co worker, you may try saying, “I appreciate the method that you might be speaking to me and about me or don’t enjoy. I would like one to stop putting me down.”
Do n’t put me down like that.”

Developing a Strategy

5. Comprehend why the man does it. Individuals who put down others may do it. Understanding what the man’s motivation is can assist you to determine just how to manage her.
A number of people do it because they can be insecure or jealous. By putting you down, they are attempting to feel much better about themselves.

Some do it because they are trying to impress someone or get focus. For instance, the coworker that criticizes your work before the manager.
Others do only don’t convey nicely or n’t realize it is being done by them. For example, the grandmother that says, “That’s a fine top. It covers your stomach nicely.”
Sometimes folks aren’t really trying to be mean or hurt your feelings. They might consider it harmless ribbing.
6. Draw a line. Some remarks are merely annoying and you also could ignore them. Other remarks are genuinely mean and hurtful and needs to be addressed.
Nevertheless, you know he is not actually trying to hurt your feelings and probably doesn’t mean it. Unless it gets way out of hand, you may not really desire to address it.
But, a co worker that consistently makes remarks that are rude to you that are upsetting will likely should be addressed.
In the event the insults happen a good deal or are discriminatory, the person is crossing the line and ought to be reported.

7. Speak to co-workers and peers. Individuals that don’t know you well, but put you down are likely doing it for a negative reason (or they could just be annoying). Don’t cause a scene, but do let them understand that it’s not okay.

Possess the conversation in private, when possible.
You could say , “During the discussion you made some unpleasant comments about my notion. I appreciate helpful comments, but not insults. Do n’t do that again.”
If she begins putting you down while you are looking to talk to her about it, then stop the dialog.
In case the behavior continues or gets worse, you may need to report it.

8. Be assertive with siblings as well as friends. Even though it might begin as harmless teasing, sometimes it can go too much and you need to tell the person to cut it out. As you tell her to cease or throw in an insult of your very own don’t laugh. She won’t take you seriously and the put downs will continue. Be assertive, using a calm, clear voice when you tell her to cease.
As an example, “Hahaha. Dumbo ears” just isn’t a good way to tell your sister to prevent putting down you.
Look her in the eyes as well as in a calm, serious voice try saying, “Ok. That’s enough. I understand you believe it’s comical, but it truly worries me, so I’m asking one to quit.”
She apologize as well as will almost certainly come after you. Sometimes those closest to us do when we’re serious n’t know.

9. Be respectful. Occasionally teachers, parents, or managers put down us, often without knowing it. Let these folks understand that their put-downs you irritate and that you need them to cease. This makes the individual aware of what he is doing and the manner in which you feel about it. Additionally it is an important step in working with the circumstances long-term.
Check to your Human Resources Department on the job and see the things that they suggest on the best way to manage put-downs from superiors.
Talk to him one on one, should you be comfortable doing so. It is going to make the conversation less difficult for each of you.
Try saying When you call my work daft, it really disturbs me.”
Tell another adult you trust or the HR department in the event you are n’t comfortable talking to him one on one or in case you feel you are being put by him down on purpose.

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